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Wire Luxury 50

Product ID: OF70173
Availability: 4 to 7 days

Wall-hung bathroom furniture Wire – Wire Luxury furniture series. A heavy type, bathroom furniture, ideal for domestic and professional use. It consists of a  wall-hung base (50 cm) with a tilting door or two (recommended for wire 50 only) and a 1.2 cm white, countertop made out of a white homogeneous material and similarly in the black version the countertop material is HPL compact. You can choose between three recommended dimensions  50, 100 and 150 cm depending on the needs of your bathroom. You can complete the look of the furniture by adding a washbasin and a LED mirror with an anti-fog function. It is available in two different shades of black and white MDF in combination with three different colors of stainless steel profiles (black, gold and rose gold finish).

Furniture material MDF super matt, anti-spot, for longer durability. Tilting door with chrome trim, two hinges and a push opening mechanism. The countertop is made of matt materials with high resistance to impact, bending and abrasion with almost zero moisture absorption. We recommend the optional LED mirror with hidden lighting and 2 buttons with on/off touch sensors and an anti-fog system with the option of selecting the light color temperature. The price of the composition does not include the faucet and the basin waste, you can add a brazen, click-clack basin-waste for basins with an overflow. Likewise, you can add a basin faucet that bears the signature of leading companies in the field of sanitary ware, such as Pentagono, Orabella by Armando Vicario and Orabella. Attention: the overlays are delivered unpunched.

440.00€ 360.00€

Product ID: OF70173

Series: Wire Luxury

Installation: Wall mounted

Dimensions: 50X45X25 cm

Color: White/ Black matt

Material: MDF

Manufacturer: Orabella

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