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Think of a tile able to bring a unique touch of character to any setting. A decoration and design element that’s the perfect partner for elegant, inviting living spaces. And there you have it: Volcano, the new collection by Ceramica Rondine.

Crafted in sophisticated, contemporary shades - Taupe, Grey, White, Beige and Dark - Volcano is a versatile, trend-inspired porcelain stoneware that offers a faithful interpretation of all the power and primitive elegance of cement, with its rough-hewn character bringing an inestimable source of style inspiration and technological experimentation.

Available in the sizes 80x80, 60x60, 30x60 (rectified), 30.5x60.5 (natural) and mosaic, the Volcano series gets a further boost with a range of sophisticated decorations that bring a modern twist to the classic cement tiles, reawakening all their splendid allure.


Quality: A

Origin: Italy

Texture: MAT

Material: Granite

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