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Product ID: O20125
Availability: 1 to 3 days

Sogno Orabella, kitchen faucet with a rotating body and with a single lever for easy adjustment of the water flow and temperature. A modern, kitchen, sink faucet constructed from stainless steel, intended for both domestic and professional use. Available in two color options: chrome and black matt.

Kitchen faucet with a heavy duty, 45 cm spiral hose, according to the DVGW standards, suitable for drinking water and highly resistant to water pressure fluctuations. Save water up to 30% compared to common faucets thanks to the special design and the faucet’s filter. Very low noise levels during use. All individual construction materials such as rubbers, flanges, mechanisms are certified and suitable for drinking water. Very easy installation thanks to the easyfix system. It is accompanied by a 5-year written factory warranty and is supported by a full range of spare parts.

90.00€ 65.00€

Product ID: O20125

Series: Sogno

Characteristics: Thermo-mixing

Dimensions: 36.6 cm

Color: Silver satin

Material: Stainless steel

Warranty: 5 Years

Manufacturer: Orabella

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