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Olympia Trend Oval 01

Product ID: O60137
Availability: 1 to 3 days

Olympia manufactures a series of sanitary ware of high design standards and high functional performance, for both domestic and professional use. Trend oval 01 is a modern, countertop, porcelain bathroom washbasin with a faucet hole. Upon selection, it can be accompanied by a universal, click-clack basin waste with ceramic top.

Countertop, bathroom, washbasin without an overflow in high-quality white, glossy porcelain. Washbasin dimensions 50x42 cm, with 15.2 cm height and basin depth 10.6 cm.


Product ID: O60137

Series: Trend

Characteristics: Faucet Hole

Installation: Countertop

Dimensions: 50X42X15.2 cm

Basin Depth: 10.6 cm

Color: White

Material: Glossy porcelain

Manufacturer: Olympia

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