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Minimal Line 1,70x0,70

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Approach to comfort & minimal aesthetics that lends to your bathroom space
an excellent combination of excellence and functionality..

  • 1.80x0.80
  • 1.70x0.80
  • 1.70x0.75
  • 1.70x0.70
  • 1,60x0,75
  • 1.60x0.70
  • 1.50x0.70
  • 1.40x0.70
  • 1.30x0.70
  • ABS/PMMA with UV
White Gloss
Category: Standard

In addition, it can be fitted with

  • Bathtub support System : 
    Perimetric support base 
    Support set 

  • Hydromassage Systems :
    Eco basic system 

  • Valves :
    Choose a 45-55 cm long valve from the VALVES category or 45-55 cm economical siphon valve 

  • Side Panels :
    Front acrylic gloss white panel
    Side acrylic gloss white panel
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