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Product ID: L 109.791.00.1
Availability: 1 to 3 days

Geberit Sigma 109.791.00.1 concealed cistern 8 cm, 6 / 3 litres.

Concealed cistern with front actuation
Concealed cistern, fully insulated against condensation
Premounted direct plastering netting
Immediate post flush possible with factory setting
Flush bend fitted
Flush bend adjustable 2 cm upwards and 1 cm downwards
Tool-free installation and maintenance work on concealed cistern
Water supply connection on the top left
Protection box for service opening can be cut to length, suitable for surface-even actuator plates

Application purposes
For masonry walls
For installation in part or room-height prewall installations
For installation in room-height installation walls
For floor-standing WCs
For single flush, dual flush or stop-and-go flush

Scope of delivery
Water supply connection Rp 1/2" - R 1/2", compatible with MF, with integrated angle stop valve and hand wheel
Protection box for service opening
Flush bend with recess shells
Flush bend extension, ø 45 mm
Protection plug
2 slotted flat irons
Fastening material

Combined with actuator plates:
- Sigma 01
- Sigma 10
- Sigma 20
- Sigma 21
- Sigma 30 Dual Flush
- Sigma 30 stop and go (1 button)
- Sigma 50
- Sigma 60
- Sigma 70 8cm 
- Sigma 80 8cm 
- Mambo
-It is also compatible with Type 01 116.041.xx.1 pneumatic controls.

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