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Fusion 190 70cm

Product ID: O30450

The Fusion series shower enclosure is an ideal solution for all bathrooms, due to the excellent quality of its construction materials. Linear (reversible), fully pre-assembled, shower enclosure with a 6 mm security crystal and with a total height of 180 or 190 cm. Clean Glass technology (Nanotechnology) for easy cleaning and avoiding limescale deposits. It is consisted of one, folding door (2 parts that open inside and out) with anodized, aluminium profiles. You can add a fixed, side panel that can be extended by using a 3 cm profile. Depending on your needs you can choose between Fusion 180 and Fusion 190.

Orabella shower enclosures are an ideal choice for both domestic and professional use. The robust, 6463 aluminium construction and the high-quality assembly materials guarantee their smooth operation for many years. The Fusion 180/190 shower enclosure is consisted of security, crystal panels with a factory desalination system for easy cleaning and in order to prevent limescale deposits. There are also available, 3 cm expansion profiles either for the main linear panel or the side panel and only on the side of the wall (2 pcs). It is accompanied by a 5-year written factory warranty and is supported by a full range of spare parts.

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Product ID: O30450

Series: Fusion

Characteristics: Folding Shower Door with a fixed side panel

Dimensions: 66–70 cm

Height: 180 cm

Crystal: Clear

Crystal Thickness: 6 mm

Door Opening: 48 cm

Color: Chrome

Material: Anodized aluminium profile

Warranty: 5 Years

Manufacturer: Orabella

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