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Amabile 60

Product ID: ΟF60162
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Wall-hung bathroom furniture Amabile 60 – Slim furniture series. A heavy type, bathroom furniture, ideal for domestic use. It is consisted of a wall-hung base with two doors with soft close mechanisms and a porcelain washbasin. You can complete the image of the furniture by adding a mirror of your choice (cabinet-mirror, mirror with shelf or Infinity mirror) and by choosing the handles that meet your needs. You can combine all Orabella bathroom furniture with one or more floor-standing or wall-hung, bathroom columns for extra storage space. Available in six different shades of wood and in white Laminate, as well as, in black and white glossy acrylic on an mdf surface. Upon selection, you can add a wall-mounted, linear, led, bathroom light.

Furniture material: melamine with PVC for greater durability and in a wide range of color options. Use of soft close mechanisms, which bear the signature of BLUM. It is available with a cabinet mirror with two doors or with a mirror-shelf which can be framed by an additional 20 cm cabinet. The Infinity mirror is a third option without storage space. The latter comes only in Laminate wood shades. Two chrome handles of your choice are included in the base package, available in three designs (M1, M4, M5). While it is possible, to add to the package linear, black, matt handles (M1). Likewise, you can combine a furniture-mounted light in chrome or black finish. The overall furniture composition is sent in 3, pre-assembled pieces (base, washbasin and mirror) and the same goes, in case you choose, one or more, bathroom columns (pre-assembled). Upon selection, you can combine a linear, LED, bathroom light 40 or 60 cm, 8 and 12 watts, respectively, in chrome or black matt finish. The price of the composition does not include the faucet and the basin waste, you can add a brazen, click-clack basin-waste for basins with an overflow. Likewise, you can add a basin faucet that bears the signature of leading companies in the design of sanitary ware, such as Pentagono, Orabella by Armando Vicario and Orabella.

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Product ID: ΟF60162

Series: Minimal

Installation: Wall mounted

Dimensions: 60X45X50 cm

Basin Depth: 13.6 cm

Color: Wood shades, White/Black glossy acrylic

Material: Laminate/MDF with Acrylic

Basin Manufacturer: Tecla

Manufacturer: Orabella

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